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RandallRivero.Com was built primarily as a site to view and download DVD quality exclusive / amateur video that we personally produce. As such, it is highly recommended that viewers who join our site have high speed internet connections: DSL, cable or T1. Browsers supported include Firefox, Safari and IE. Windows Media

The movies on this site are Windows Media video files (wmv) technology. In order to play these files, you must use Windows Media Player version 9 or higher (it is recommended that you use the latest version).

Mac Users

WMV files will run on Quicktime for Mac users with Flip4Mac™. Windows Media® Components for QuickTime Flip4Mac™ WMV is a collection of QuickTime components that allow you to play, import, and export Windows Media video and audio files on your Mac using your favorite QuickTime-based applications.

Playing Movies

You can play movies either by downloading them or streaming them.

Downloading Movies For WMV:

When you download a movie, a copy of the movie file is placed on your hard drive. On a Windows system, right click a movie clip icon, then select "Save Target As" from the popup menu that appears and specify a location for the downloaded file. Once the download is complete, you can view the movie file from your hard drive.

Depending on your browser and media player, if you simply click on the movie clip icon, the media player will start playing the movie once a certain portion of it is downloaded. In this case, it is normal for buffering delays to occur, especially with larger file sizes.

For iPod:

These clips can only be downloaded. Simply left or right click and follow your browser instructions to save these files. Streaming Movies

When you stream a movie, video data is sent over the Internet in such a way that you can view it (almost) immediately, without waiting for the entire file to download. One of the main benefits of streaming is that you can rewind, or move to any point in the movie you wish after the movie is down loaded.

In order to stream a movie, simply click on one of the icon clips in the Video Gallery. The icon will link you to the Streaming Movie after a short buffering period; the movie will begin to play.

Note that, unlike downloading, streaming does not copy the movie file to your hard drive.


Membership subscriptions (specifically, payment processing) and cancellations are administered through If you wish to cancel at anytime, please visit and follow their cancellation process. Once there, you will need at least two of the following pieces of information to manage your membership:


Password Management is administered ONLY through RandallRivero.Com

To Recover A Lost Password

If you need to recover your lost password, click the Members button on the home page and you will be redirected to the Log-In page. Choose "Forgot Your Password?" in the middle of the page and then enter your email address you originally signed up with on the site. Choose "Reset and Send Password" and your new password will be sent to you in an email. To Reset Your Password

To reset your password, you must Log-In with your email address and the temporary password that was emailed to you. (1) Click Members on the home page, enter the email address and password that was mailed to you, then hit Login. Once you are logged in, you must choose Members again, and then you may change your password under Member Options.


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